Thursday, 1 February 2018

Is this you?

When the world makes it hard for a romantic to live in it

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Can romance burn us in the end?

I have always been a romantic person, and I believe some of that comes from wanting to have hope in the world to see the good things in life and in people and to dream about a positive future.

I don't think there is anything wrong with this as long as our romance has some push back to understand and acknowledge reality, otherwise, it is inevitable that us romancers will get burned.

Not a very romantic thought really.

See romance doesn't have to be just in relationships, it can be the whole outlook on life.

How can life kill the romance?

People, friends, enemies can burn us and make us hurt beyond belief because we cannot believe how anybody could do that. That's what happens when relationships, friendships and/or family relationships explode. One person attacks and the other is so shocked by what is being forced upon them their romantic notion of seeing the best in a person, is suddenly burnt to shreds because what they just experienced was anything but the best.

You take a group of ten people and put them in a meeting room. Then have each of those ten people come in with different attitudes. The romancer, is so thrilled to be in a room to brainstorm about the new development. However, it occurs as the meeting progresses that a negative person, burnt themselves by past experiences, isn't coming to the table to be a team player. But not just this person, the person next to them, starts talking badly under their breath to the person next to them, how bad that person's outlook is.

Now the romancer, thought everybody was getting on, the brainstorming session was going well and yet hears the true feelings from those around them and the reality hits, 'what I thought was good is not; it's tainted.'

Is it bad to have a romantic view on life?

Do romancers walk around with rose coloured glasses? Maybe. Is something wrong with this? I sure hope not.

Are romancers sensitive?

The simply answer, no. They are just not aware until they are among other types of people that the experience and situation is not quite the hype they thought it was.

Should romancers change who they are?


Why not?

Why take the hope of a better world from someone who believes it can be? Not only this, but romancers can be huge world changers and leaders who drive the good change to occur.

If you try to take the hope away from a romancer, all this will do is take away their quest for meaning and make it really hard for them to feel good and hopeful about anything or anyone. Losing trust in the world and what it has to offer.

Words from a romancer

Now as a romancer myself, I can honestly say, being positive about the world and the future and finding the good in things in life and in people, makes me feel good. I feel good within me. It doesn't mean I don't get burned. It doesn't mean I don't experience the ups and downs of life. However, in those darkest times, I have something within that pulls me out. It's like I have angels holding my hands when I can't physically move because of the huge amount of stress in a really life changing situation and in that moment, I know that even in this hardest moment, I am going to be okay.

So is it bad to have a romantic view of the world?

No. It definitely isn't.

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

I bare all

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You have stripped me naked. 

I am so vulnerable around you. I can't hide anything. You see it all and I wonder if any of it is good enough to keep you. 

It's hard baring oneself fully to someone. 

The possibility of rejection lies deep.

The risk of losing someone you absolutely adore and love just makes every day harder.

But with the vulnerabilities baring itself. 

I have to wonder, will you love everything about me? 

And if you do, is it enough?

What if you don't? 

What if you find parts you hate? 

I will be crushed. I just want you to love me. 

I cant face the world without you, yet I wonder what would happen if you rejected me? 

I wonder if I will ever be enough for you? 

You say I am but that insecurity of being naked and baring myself to you is so close to the surface that it could spoil everything. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

What does romance mean to you?

To me it means so much and more...

Six ways to demonstrate romance in your relationship

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Romance comes in a variety of different forms and methods and is different to everyone.

Speak their love language
For me it's words. I love hearing beautiful words. I guess it makes sense as Ian a writer. Find their love language then give them what they crave the most, you and your inner most deepest thoughts and feelings.

When your partner strokes your back softly whether when you're in the kitchen cooking or to help you drift to sleep. It's the soft, tender touch that oozes romance and love.

Sweetness comes in a range of forms but thinking of the other person and how you can make life easier for them is massive.

Helping out
This one is so simple and comes with so much gratitude from the other person. help each other out where they need the help most. It might be cleaning, it might be through health and fitness and the two of you could even need help in different areas. So open your eyes and if your partner is helping you out in an area you need it hen find ways you can return the favour to help them out, where they need it most.

Show them you are interested

You don't have to be an expert, which is great. It leaves extra room for questions, which shows them you are interested in their world.
More importantly, listen to them. This shows them you care.
The above are just some of the romantic ways you can give to your partner.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

When you feel no longer loved

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Not feeling loved, is really not nice. I am sure we can all agree when we don't feel loved or cherished, it's terrifying actually.

Can we really feel loved, when the other partner is looking and speaking to others, they also want in their life?

Is it a form of betrayal?

Is it simply normal?

I can tell you that whatever it is, it is still heartbreaking.

Why can't someone just love me fully? And only have eyes for me? Is it really that hard?

I gave myself fully to someone for a very long time. I didn't look at other men. Yet, he spoke to other people online pretending to be me, for their attention? Why couldn't I just be loved?

Will I ever find real love? Does it exist?

Right now it feels it doesn't.

I hope the world proves me wrong. Not even the world. Just one person.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

When you have to let go of someone but you can't

You know that feeling, where you feel you are just dangling by a piece of string. The string drops and you are on the floor, broken.

At one stage it felt more solid. But there are moments. Many moments. Where you realise how easily replaceable you are.

If somebody doesn't think you are worthy of their full attention, do you keep trying to give it to them?


Why do you keep fighting?

What if you feel in love with them?

Would you keep fighting knowing that they don't love you back?

Does that make you a fool for wanting something so desperately that was always out of your reach?

Your mind is going a hundred miles an hour, "Don't go. Stay. I don't want you anyway. Please come back. Just make a decision. Tell me what you want I will do anything for you."

But they don't respond. They never respond and the quietness is heart breaking.

Tears fall.


And you wonder ... what is my worth, if I can't even be loved?

Is romance real anymore?

Am I the only believer in romance?

As a romance fiction writer, I enter this world, where men are gentlemen ... they cherish and treasure their women. They are not afraid to show their love for them.

I have always loved romance. I wanted to feel the emotions of being loved. Is it enough? Is it even real?

I hope so.

If I am the only person left, who believes in romance then I will hold that light on until I can share my story with others, who then may decide to turn their light on.

What is romance anyway?

It's whatever makes your heart sing.

Romance captures your heart, soul and mind and makes you feel loved and special.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Romance is still alive but is Valentine's Day falling through the cracks?

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Romantic women love random acts of romance.

On Valentine's Day this year. I asked everybody I bumped into what their plans were for Valentine's Day.

I asked about 15-20 people from there I received, 3 people (men) who had organised something romantic for their wives.

That was it.

I was mostly surprised by the amount of single women who said they weren't celebrating at all. (I suggested they do something nice for themselves.)

And those married mainly said that they didn't celebrate Valentine's Day.

Couples mentioned that their relationships were in early stages or complicated, so no celebrations there.

Which made me wonder, who does? 

Luckily, my husband knows I am a huge romantic, so Saint Valentine don't worry, we will still keep the flame for Valentine's Day alive.

If you celebrate Valentine's Day, can you please help me feel that romance and Valentine's Day is still alive and well. As a romantic I need to know their are people in the world who love this day as much as me.